Starting Again

Did you learn to dive sometime ago and want to take up diving again?

We have been training divers in Buckingham for over 25 years and during that time we have taught hundreds of people to dive. We are a small, family orientated, friendly club. All the members of the club, including the nationally qualified instructors, are volunteers but no less proficient. We welcome divers at any stage of their development.

If you learned to dive a while back and want to start again, we will quickly assess what you have remembered and design a tailor-made programme for you in order to get you back diving in the quickest but safest way.

Need a refresher?

Do you need a refresher course before you go on your holiday?

We welcome both new and experienced divers, including people trained with other agencies. We can offer “cross-over” training if you trained with an agency other than BSAC, or refresher training before you go on holiday so that you can relax, save time, money and use less air on those holiday dives. We also offer specialist training in Nitrox, Search and Rescue, Rescue Management, Accelerated Decompression, Dive Planning and many others.