Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Scuba Diving for your Duke of Edinburgh Award – Skill or Physical Activity


Fancy learning to snorkel and scuba dive? Maybe you’ve been inspired by BBC’s Blue Planet II series? Great – you’re in the perfect place to start snorkelling and scuba diving lessons.

British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) BSAC’s President HRH The Duke of Cambridge is a keen supporter of BSAC snorkelling.

Skill development and recognition of achievement are important for young adults. Learn to snorkel with BSAC and you get your own ‘Qualification Record Book’ which is updated by your instructor as you progress. There are also certificates for each of the Snorkeler Training Grades.

If you want to progress beyond your silver award, then you are ideally placed to take advantage of our Ocean Diver Training. When you learn to scuba dive, you open up a whole new bundle of experiences. From growing in confidence in your abilities to joining a family of scuba divers, there’s a lot to love, and learn!

All equipment & air fills will be provided by the club at no extra cost.

We make a nominal charge to cover the learning materials and equipment:

  • Bronze Award – £60
  • Silver Award – Snorkelling £60
  • Silver Award – SCUBA Diving £100
    NB – if anyone taking the Silver Scuba Diving option decides to continue and achieve full BSAC Ocean Diver certification, the £100 will be deducted from the cost achieving that qualification


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Bronze DoE Award

Bronze Award Summary


  • Snorkelling

  • 5 x Practical sessions in the Pool
  • 2 x Theory sessions
  • Snorkel Diver Certificate
  • Scuba Diving

  • 3 Try Dive session in the Pool
Silver DoE Award

Silver Award (Snorkelling) Summary

In addition to Bronze Award

  • Snorkelling
  • 5 x Practical Sessions in Pool
  • 2 x Theory sessions
  • Advanced Snorkeler Certificate
Silver DoE Award

Silver Award (Scuba) Summary

In addition to Silver Award (Snorkelling)

  • Scuba Diving
  • Ocean Diver Theory sessions
  • 5 x sessions in pool