December in Calvert

Stowe Sub Aqua Club dive – December is here and the thermocline continues to drop, likewise the temperature. Great dive this morning with Roger, Adrian & Tony.

The team were in . the water by 9:30am, having arrived a little than an hour earlier at Great Moor Sailing Club. Initial inspection of the water showed – 1. it was still there 🙂 , 2. looked nice and clear in the shallows. Fingers were crossed for a good experience.

Having buddied up, we set off for the 3rd Post to repair a tangled line. Progress continues to be made on this project, and with 3 lights shining down on him, Roger was able to remove a few more knots in the line.

Once we had stirred up the bottom sufficiently, we moved off towards the houses to quickly inspect the chain running up to one of the buoys. This looked ok at present, although the weight might need relocating over the winter months.

On the way back, Tony tried out his dSMB deployment, (Practice makes perfect).

From there we pottered back to shore, a nice hot cup of coffee and chat with the other club members doing their final kit checks for their forthcoming trip to Egypt in December!!