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About Us

Stowe Sub Aqua Club is a small, family friendly BSAC scuba diving club, we dive all year round in UK waters as well as organizing trips overseas. 

We have been running for over 35 years and have taught hundreds of divers with access to the best swimming pool in the area (3.5m deep).

All  our members, including instructors are volunteers who do it because we love it, and we do a lot of it!

What’s New

  • 3 go boating in Pembrokeshire!

    3 go boating in Pembrokeshire!

    Back in October, the intrepid trio of Steve Wasilewski-Norman, Adrian Heathcote and Oliver Sweeney embarked on a skills development course on Boat Handling. Over two days on the boat handling course, students learn the basics of handling a small boat (Usually RIBs up to about 8m in length) and become familiar with the equipment involved.…

  • Farne Islands – August 2017

    Farne Islands – August 2017

    11 of us, including 3 from MK club travelled up to Northumberland on Friday 18th August for a weekend trip diving on the Farne Islands – we have had several club trips over the years and it has always been a great trip: probably one of the best sites in the UK for marine life…

  • Truk Lagoon Part 1

    Cat Vince, Steve Wasilewski-Norman, Roger Bray, Mark Sales, Nick Tucker and Sam Richardson gathered together at Heathrow on 31st January 2017 to fly out to The Federated States of Micronesia to dive the Truk Lagoon. It took four days from arriving at Heathrow to boarding the SS Thorfinn at Chuuk. We had an overnight stop in Manila…

  • Portland, The M2 and The Countess of Erne

    Portland, The M2 and The Countess of Erne

    Five members of the club took a trip to Portland, Dorset on Saturday 5th November to dive the M2 submarine wreck (35mtrs max) and the Countess of Erne wreck (14mtrs max). This was the second attempt to dive the M2 submarine, the first being cancelled due to poor weather. The divers were Steve Wasilewski-Norman, George…