Club Member dives South Coast protected wrecks.

August 14, 2018

On the 4th July this year, BSAC Stowe Sub Aqua Clubs Training Officer, Steve Wasilewski-Norman had a rare opportunity to join the Nautical Archaeological Society on a day’s UK diving on two of their protected wrecks, off Eastbourne on the South Coast. The first was the Holland No 5, one of the two very first submarines commissioned into the Royal Navy on the 19th January 1903, the other being the Holland No 3. The second dive was on The Normans Bay Protected Wreck site, a 16th century cannon wreck, which is now suspected to be a Dutch Man of War. Steve said both dives were very interesting and he thoroughly enjoyed the diving on these two historical sites, especially as they are not open to everyone. Diving them, is only allowable with the permission of the NAS, the licence holders for these sites. Diving is also under the NAS supervision as they are still undergoing archaeological investigation and preservation.

More information about the NAS , including pictures and a virtual dive on the two wrecks is available at click on Projects, then select Current Projects.