Ready for the Summer? Fit to Dive?

June 13, 2018

We are moving outside from Monday, are you ready?

UK Diving is back on the agenda. The water is warming up.

Time to dust off your kit that’s been hidden in the back of the garage!

1. Do a Top to Bottom check

  • Mask – Clean, serviceable, straps looking ok?
  • Hood – has it shrunk since last season?
  • BCD – straps, clips, inflation, hoses, mouthpiece
  • Weights – belt, pouches
  • Tank – In service, visual inspection, any rust on the base?
  • Regs – When were they last serviced?
  • Dry Suit – zip oiled / free running, values, seals (neck & cuffs)
  • Gloves – how many holes, time to get a new pair?
  • Dive Computer – is the battery ok?
  • Compass – still pointing North?
  • Torches – Charged / spare batteries
  • dSMB – when did you last rewind the line?
  • Knife / cutters – found where you last left them?
  • Fins – Straps in good condition
  • Body – Am I fit to dive?

2. Meet at the shed @ Stowe for 5:45 – 6pm on Monday to collect tanks

3. Meet at Calvert for 6:15pm to prepare

4. Site Briefing at 6:45pm SHARP!

5. Get in the water for 7:00 – 7:15pm

Join Us and let’s enjoy our diving after the winters training.
Please let your instructors know what skills you want to brush up on? We are here to help you develop.