Suntan Lotion, Fast boats and Wrecks

April 20, 2018
Swanage Boat Charter
Catching some rays on the boat

Whilst the visibility was comparable to Calvert, the sunny weather and trip on the boat certainly make up for it – See the bright red faces on those that didn’t wear baseball caps on the boat! 4 Stowe Club members (Steve, Sam, Tony & Les) enjoyed a day out diving 2 great wreck sites (Kyarra and Fleur De Lys), with Steve and Tony sneaking in a drift dive as well. 

Crab for tea?
Tea for 1 at least

Sam and Les practised their deco routines incurring a hefty 17 min stop after swanning around the Kyarra for slightly longer than they intended. As the Advert goes, not point in wasting minutes, called a 60 min dive, took exactly a 60 min dive.
It was a full on day, departing as the sun rose in the sky and returning before dusk. Thankfully the traffic was kind to us, as was the ferry across to Studland.

Many thanks to our skipper Brian @ Swanage Boat Charters for his professional service. We will be back very soon.

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